Dermal Fillers

Full, soft skin, the look of youth
Young skin gets its unmistakable plump softness from the collagen that our bodies naturally produce, which keeps it well hydrated. This cushions the soft tissue beneath our skin and gives us healthy, full-looking lips and cheeks. As we grow older though, our bodies stop producing so much collagen. As collagen is lost, the water content of our soft tissue reduces, and that pleasant plumpness starts to disappear, leaving some people with thinning lips, hollow cheeks and deep lines around the mouth: the classic signs of ageing.
Give your skin its softness back
If deep lines, thinning lips, or creases around your mouth are making you look older, Dr Wrinkles can help. His safe, quick, long-lasting and effective treatments mimic a naturally-occurring substance which maintains hydration, keeping the collagen nourished and healthy, subtly plumping up the soft tissue and restoring the skin's youthful fullness for between six months and a year. They can even add a little volume to your chin or your nose, or anywhere you feel that the shapeliness is lacking.
During the 30 minute treatment, Dr Wrinkles will inject the filler just under the skin using a tiny needle. A little anaesthetic cream (just enough to last for the whole session) means the process is relatively painless, and since there's usually no discomfort once the anaesthetic has worn off, most people get back into their routine right away.
After your session, Dr Wrinkles will arrange a quick follow-up appointment with you to check that the newly plumped tissue is sitting exactly as it should be, and - if necessary - to massage it gently into shape.
Instant results and protection against further signs of ageing
Not only are dermal fillers a completely safe and instant way of giving you younger looking skin, but the cushioning they provide also helps prevent existing lines and creases deepening. This means you're not only getting treatment for the signs of ageing, but protection too!
A more youthful appearance is only an appointment away
Thousands of people are already benefiting from younger looking skin, so make an appointment now to find out how Dr Wrinkles can quickly and safely give you back the look you love.

Lips (before)


Lips (after)


Mental crease (before)


Mental crease (after)


Accordian lines (before)


Accordian lines (after)


Nasolabial folds (before)


Nasolabial folds (after)