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Every face tells a story - make sure yours tells the right one
Before exchanging a single word with someone, we read the story of their face. And sometimes, what we find there might tell us all we need to know. If you're worried that your face isn't telling the right story, Dr Wrinkles can help.

Safe, quick and long-lasting treatment for lines and wrinkles
Dr Wrinkles provides safe, quick and effective treatments which can reduce facial lines for months, making you look younger and more refreshed, with no need for surgery and no recuperation time. A few tiny injections is all it takes. See the page about wrinkles for more information about the process and results. Dr Wrinkles also provide other non surgical treatments with amazing results. Follow these links to read more about dermal filler treatments, our treatments for excessive sweating, and much more....
Expert care, every time

Dr Wrinkles is owned and run by founder Dr Danny Cai, an Australian-trained doctor with extensive experience in clinical treatments for the signs of ageing. He personally administers every procedure, ensuring the very highest standards of care. You can find out more about Dr Cai here and read some of his clients' testimonials here.



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It's human nature to take people at face value. So contact us now to arrange a no-obligation assessment and find out how Dr Wrinkles can help you make sure your face tells the story you want it to.